Hair Care

TRICHO-ACT Anti-Hair loss Shampoo

Anti-hair loss Shampoo for all hair types, It gently cleanses the hair while respecting the balance of the scalp and It's Sulphate Free Formula make its frequent use safe even on sensitive scalp. 200 ML

TRICHO-ACT Anti-Dandruff Shampoo DS

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, remove all types of dandruff - dry & oily - with triple efficacy: - helps to decrease sebum secretion from scalp. - helps to eliminate dandruff by its kerato-reducing effect. - It relieves itchy scalp and soothes irritation. 200 Ml

TRICHO-ACT Hair Repairing Mask

Hair Repairing Mask for all hair types, This mask revitalize dull, dry and breaking hair. Helps to repair split ends. It Nourishes, hydrates and fortifies hair fiber, boosts its shine and improves hair manageability. 150 ML